Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Radical Responsibility – A response to William Broad’s Yoga and Sex Scandals in the NY Times today, 2/28/12

 So Yoga causes injuries and now apparently it causes infidelity. Wow, what's next?  Funny because what I have learned through Yoga is how to strengthen and heal my body and to honor my physical and emotional boundaries.

Mr. Broad reports that deep sweaty breathing and exercise brings excess blood to the genitals. Has anyone done those studies of people walking on a treadmill? Or riding a bike? Or, for that matter, sitting in a chair? Come to think of it, let's explore the injuries that have occurred while people were getting up out of their chairs or sitting in chairs habitually. I think you would find a whole lot more injuries come from that than from Yoga.

Being in poor shape can cause a whole host of ailments ranging from bio-mechanical to digestive to mental problems. Are those ailments the fault of poor shape, or is it the fault of personal choices?

I know that there are a whole host of reasons that people are in poor shape. I am not slinging accusations so much as suggesting that when we recognize our own power to make choices we can make positive shifts in our lives. I have made plenty of poor choices in my lifetime. But I have found empowerment by not blaming the situation, but by accepting my role in those choices.

John Friend's fall from Grace has been very sad to watch.  I see it as an example of the corruptive nature of power.  When people feel they can do anything, they probably will. Still, going after a position of power is a choice that individuals make and if they choose to abuse that power they will feel the consequence at some point as John is certainly feeling now.

You might argue that Yoga creates the conditions for injury or infidelity. To that I argue what doesn't? Do you have any studies, Mr. Broad, of the blood flow to the genitals of politicians wielding their power? How many of them have we seen rise and fall (figuratively that is)?

Through Yoga I have learned personal responsibility. I am responsible for engaging and stretching and being aware of each muscle. I am responsible for how much I push myself. I am responsible for my actions, my words and even my thoughts. I make my own choices and I live with them. Yoga does not choose for me.  Yoga doesn't cause infidelity, poor judgement causes infidelity. Yoga doesn't injure you; your lack of mindfulness of your own responsibility to every aspect of your own life injures you. You are in charge.

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  1. Indeed. Although I would also argue that accident causes injury - and that nobody yet has slipped and fallen into a sexual peccadillo, no matter how the rhetoric can claim that is possible.