Friday, June 1, 2012

Good Night Anusara

As the veils have lifted
I've seen how my teacher shifted
from a man who saw the light
to one blind with power and fright.

He believed in his ownership
of that which can't be owned;
He accepted too much privilege
not seeing it was loaned.

Now the empire is crumbling
And we will have to see
What is left when blocks stop falling.
I know now it won't be me.

Even so, I wish him well
for all he prompted me to learn;
For those I met along the way;
For the fire he showed me how to burn.

I'm so thankful for the inspiration
But I see the work was mine.
And I see all things shall pass
Within this world of time.

So I close my eyes and dive right in
no knowing what I'll find.
And I'll cling loosely to what I see
Lest I think I own it in my mind.