Friday, December 30, 2011

My Teacher

My teacher

My teacher has given me a method. Through this method I approach the world. I organize my thoughts, plan my schedule, gather my resources, breathe and move my body with this method. I dream in this method.  And I put into action all the dreams, thoughts, schemes and plans that have enough materiality to come to fruition.

My teacher has given me vocabulary.  I have learned the value of my inner contents and how to express those contents creatively and effectively. Words like manifestation (sṛṣṭi), Maintenance (sthíti), Dissolution (pralaya), Concealment (tirodhāna or vilaya), Revelation (anugraha), sat-chit-ananda (truth, awareness, bliss), niralambaya (independence),abhyasa (practice) and vairagya (surrender) have taught me the very nature of the Divine and of the universe in the form of an inner knowing.

But mostly my teacher has shown me that he is not the giver. My dreams, resources, organizations, plans and actions are of the Divine.  They come through me: from a seed in an unmarked spot deep within me: fed by the stimuli I choose to let in and given roots through the practices I choose to adopt.

My endless gratitude goes to my teacher whose lasting lessons I have been paid for with mere hourly compensation. Thank you for the method, the vocabulary and the guidance. Thank you for showing me I had the resources. Thank you for teaching me the organization that allows me to comprehend and to express what is possible with those resources.

Gratitude and blessings to you, John Friend.

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